Even prior to the war turning in the favor of the Allies, Hitler and the Nazi regime were depicted in an often humorous fashion in the U.S. and Britain. Hitler in particular was heavily ridiculed and depicted as a bloodthirsty tyrant, hell bent on the destruction of Europe and the rest of the world.

In other renditions, Adolf Hitler was often drawn as a fool, and the scapegoat of the global conflict. Even though Germans in general were often depicted as evil, Hitler was the epicenter of the focus of the anti-Nazi propaganda campaign in the U.S.

At times, Hitler or his likeness were used as a method to raise morale or as a mechanism to encourage certain behavior among the civilian population. For example, in one poster, a civilian who spreads false rumors is shown as receiving a Nazi medal of honor. In another rendition, a civilian who refuses to carpool is shown riding with Hitler himself.

Hitler was therefore not just the source of mockery but a tool for the encouragement of certain behaviors and a method of raising morale among troops and workers domestically.

[Images Courtesy of the National Archives]