War through Art

A history blog highlighting "Weapons of Mass Communication," aka U.S. and international propaganda posters and imagery from both world wars and beyond.



Axey Dent – Proper Work Procedure Posters

It's no secret that the U.S government encouraged both agricultural and industrial production during World War II in an effort to support the war effort abroad and ignite the economy at home. As part of the effort - a well... Continue Reading →

“Save Fats, Kill Rats!” – Salvaging Fats for the War Cause

One of the most common themes with U.S. military and civilian posters during the Second World War involved rationing and salvaging of materials and food stuffs. The military routinely encouraged conservation on the civilian front, especially. This took many forms,... Continue Reading →

Labor Day! – Propaganda for the Worker

Uncle Sam salutes the laborers of the country.

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